Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It really is a small world

There are currently 6,965,410,205 people on this earth, 312,330,689 in the United States alone. A couple weeks ago in Modesto, CA (population 200,00) two long time friends were at an event having a conversation that they never in a million years would’ve ever guessed they would be having. Those two people are my grandpa and Liz’s uncle. The conversation they were having was regarding the deeper connection we all now share through a little baby named Grace.

See when I picked Liz and Eric I didn’t know anything about where they were from or if they even lived in Boise. As I got to know them Liz and I discovered that our families are both from Modesto. Her mother’s side is from there and many still live there to this day. Here I am, 640 miles from my hometown, and the family I happen to pick has ties to my hometown. Incredible.  And even more incredible is the fact that we had a greater connection than just being from the same exact town, my grandpa and her uncle have been friends for many years.

It’s amazing to look back and realize God was doing so many things that were beyond my wildest imaginations. He was doing so many things that I did not think could possibly come from my experience. It makes me smile and it brings tears to my eyes. Everything for a reason.

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